A critique of tobacco companies targeting young people in their advertisements

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The Kool Mixx campaign featured images of famous rappers and dancers on cigarette packs and in advertising which was specifically designed to attract the youth in these communities. Although human trafficking has always existed, it has begun to receive increased attention as a result of awareness and outreach efforts.

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Ban tobacco advertising to protect young people

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Tobacco Companies Still Target Youth Despite a Global Treaty. With novel marketing and flavors to appeal to first-time smokers, Big Tobacco seems to be aiming for youth smokers in the developing world. Years ago, Big Tobacco was infamous for covertly targeting its advertising toward young people.

In fact, it is still going on. According to the organization Truth Initiative, tobacco companies continue to place a disproportionate number of ads in low-income neighborhoods, particularly in predominantly African-American communities. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin According to the industry trade group the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, more than 15, people now regularly participate in Fantasy Sports.

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Tobacco Companies Targeting Young People A critique of tobacco companies targeting young people in their advertisements
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